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From 2000 as for the owner of the EC industry, the efficiency of the backyard,
Put on know-how of various work in the body, and repeat studies, and 2009 - whole country
I visit the EC shop of 100 stores and carry out a seminar of the efficiency.
The philosophy in 2012 on "the right arm of net shop staff & manager"
I performed a company of this as policy.

Enjoy that you make "the fair society" including the teacher of town of the smartphone in Yokohama-shi
"Kohei Hamochi" where work on mainly with a designer and the programmer
I turn service by teamwork.

▼ Do you do what kind of work?

Because I undertake only the work in the range where own responsibility can be due to,
When this is accompanied by 1.2, I do not accept the newcomer, but the consultation feels free to contact us.
(the consultation by the email is free, and a rate incurs when work and movement occur)

1.Efficiency (the class of management to run a net shop a target) of the back office

※I do not accept the new customer

BasicWerk supports it in "the net shop administration that can continue seems to be possible" variously
 ・It is the expert of "the product data to shopping mall, the company sites such as Rakuten, Yahoo, Amazon"
 ・While I am sleeping, other stores present a product page.
 ・I think about the tuning of product data in consumers glance
 ・The style that only the work that I do not offer the system has
 (I reduce a burden of the work of all of shops and make that I increase sleeping hours a motto)
 ・I regard hearing and the scrubbed finish of the problem by talks as important
 ・I am not doing the short-term approach and contract.
 ・As a result, I assume that it becomes the right arm of everybody a vision

2.Mini-merchant type mall suggestion (a target: an area trading company, an area public body) in the district

※I do not accept the new customer

By combining the city distribution and technology with local production for local consumption
Of the making of structure that life and the company activity in the area, a producer activity become rich
I produce a help and the engine.

The downtown area and a local role become clearer in future, in a district
・Wealthily with a space
・Share & ecology
・The social structure that is sustainable
Mini-Amazon in the district is absolutely necessary to make this.
I perform magnificent society experiment of that purpose.

3.Map and compasses (a target: a manager)

From the experience that made various mistakes as an early adapter, I show a destination with "compasses" with "the map" which is philosophy of Basicwerk by your future.

4.A daddy talks from Daddy new rice consultation, this (a target: Daddy freelance)

I am doing child care while working in freelance approximately at home.
I made many mistakes. Being able to talk because it is such me, the thing that you must convey
I become DB and can talk.

Prepare for wanting to tell the delivery to a daddy to meet particularly from now on
I can tell you about putting it

※In freelance and the remote work that it is worked while making child care at home in one
 I can give in particular you advice

5.Smartphone lecturer (a target: a school, an area public body) for elderly people

From 2017, I work as a smartphone lecturer as a teacher of town of Yokohama-shi.
For an elderly person, I am doing "purpose having a smartphone" "how to use, operational consultation" mainly.

I tell you about "the truth" to be able to say simply because I belong to no maker.


The product data are "property" for the net shop.

I would appreciate your talking about appropriate modi operandi of this property with Basicwerk if I think that I want to talk with an expert.


email: hello(at)basicwerk.net